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  • CASH COLLECTION (CIT) SERVICES in Singleton, Muswellbrook, Scone and surrounds.

    Cash-in-transit and cash collection services have been called many things over the years- including secure logistics, cash and carry, cash runs and currency management to name just a few. These activities are basically a courier service, with the courier being a qualified and licensed security officer. The service involves the transporting or moving of cash or valuables.

    Gill Security's range of security services include CIT for the secure collection, transportation and processing of cash, cheques and other valuables for our clients in Muswellbrook, Singleton,  Scone, Merriwa and surrounds including Cessnock and the Pokolbin (pending availability). 

    The CIT industry comprises a number of sectors, with a key distinction between non-armoured and armoured services. Gill Security operates discreetly in the non-armoured sector, with officers wearing plain clothes and utilising unmarked vehicles to securely transport cash and valuables for small, medium and large organisations. We comply with all guides, codes of practice and industrial instruments applying to the CIT industry, including instruments made under the Fair Work Act 2009, state based codes of practice and CIT guidance material published by Safe Work Australia. The safety of our clients, employees and the public is of utmost importance.

    Benefits of our cash collection service include- 

    ~~Better security and loss prevention measures 

    ~~Reduction in shrinkage 

    ~~Counterfeit Detection 

    ~~Protecting staff well being 

    ~~Increase staff productivity 

    ~~Limited cash exposure 

    ~~Greater peace of mind 

    Moving cash and valuables brings with it an increased potential to encounter persons intending to cause harm to obtain those valuables. Clients using this type of service include financial institutions,

    government departments, ATM deployers, and major retailers ranging from fast food and shopping centres to hotels, pubs and clubs.

    The CIT industry is no stranger to armed holdups and for that reason measures suggested in documents like the Road Safety and Remuneration Tribunals 2015 Inquiry into the Sectors in the Cash in Transit Industry and other documents such as the Australian Institute of Criminology's focus on Cash in Transit Armed Robbery in Australia (2010) are adhered to by Gill Security wherever applicable. These include:

    -increased training

    -fatigue management

    -sensible rostering practises

    -constant investment in technology and safety

    -adherence to operational procedures and risk management

    By utilising Gill Security for cash in transit requirements in the Upper Hunter Valley, you reduce risk placed on your employees by ensuring trained professionals that specialise in this segment do the task. Gill Security specialises in cash-in-transit services. Database management, mobile communications and navigation systems are all used to ensure your assets are protected at all times. 

    Our secure logistics service is backed by insurance coverage so your valuables are properly insured when in our care, and our experienced personnel are suitably licensed and qualified. 

    Gill Security will ensure your cash and valuables are protected from pick up point to delivery. We service areas of the Hunter Valley including Muswellbrook, Scone, Singleton, Aberdeen, Cessnock, Pokolbin and surrounds. 


    The covert, unarmed CIT officers you are using may only have basic, Certificate 2 level training in security operations, which is an entry-level qualification. Insist upon additional, nationally accredited training levels when selecting a provider for your cash in transit needs that includes individuals trained specifically in cash in transit and safety.

    In accordance with Safe Work Australia's guidance material for cash-in-transit, Risk Assessments should be conducted by a person who holds a nationally accredited, Certificate 4 level qualification in Security and Risk Management, as well as having experience in the CIT industry.

    Motor vehicles used in covert, unmarked cash-in-transit operations should be well maintained and of a type that do not make the vehicle stand out or be easily identifiable. Unmarked CIT officers should not be driving 'security patrol' cars advertising their company's logo or wearing a security officer's uniform.


    Gill Security's cash collection service considerably reduces all risks associated with the transportation of cash and other valuables from your premises. 

    Take advantage of proven and customisable cash-in-transit solutions eliminating the need for you to have to walk to the bank, stand in line and wait for the teller to count your money.


    Does your business need a regular supply of notes and coins to facilitate the amount of change required when carrying out your business activities? 

    We are able to meet the needs of our customers that require the timely supply of change.