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  • Security practitioners to face scrutiny, HP warns

    13 March at 19:29 from atlas

    The report revealed that despite new technologies and fresh investments from both adversaries and defenders alike, the security realm is still encumbered by the same problems—even in some cases by the very same bugs—that the industry has been battling for years.

     "The work of our threat research and software security research teams revealed vulnerabilities in products and programs that were years old—in a few cases, decades old," Art said.

    "Well-known attacks were still distressingly effective, and misconfiguration of core technologies continued to plague systems that should have been far more stable and secure than they in fact proved to be.

     "We are, in other words, still in the middle of old problems and known issues even as the pace of the security world quickens around us."

    The goal of this report is to provide security information leading to a better understanding of the threat landscape and to provide resources that can aid in minimising security risk.

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