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  • Top ten things you can do right now to make you home more secure

    23 November at 12:52 from atlas

    1.  Don't leave a key under the mat! Leave a spare with a friend or neighbour

    2.  Get to know your neighbours - when you're away on holiday they can keep an eye on your property or collect your mail
    3.  Remove ladders, garbage bins or debris from around your home - not only can it be unsafe, these things can also aid intruders trying to enter your home
    4.  Make sure all windows and doors have key locks that work and have been installed by a professional. You can find ASIAL members that provide locksmith services in your area via the member search
    5.  Have external motion sensor lighting installed - it is safer for you when coming home in darkness and alerts you to anyone approaching your home
    6.  Have internal lights set on a timer so they come on in the evening before you are home or can be set to come on when you are away for an extended period
    7.  Think about what you post online to social media sites - if you are going away on holiday it might not be a good idea to let all your Facebook 'friends' know how long you are going and your exact address
    8.  Ensure you see the credentials of any tradespeople you are allowing entry to your home
    9.  If you have a home security system installed make sure it is installed by a properly licenced and reputable company. A good place to start looking for a security provider is with an ASIAL member as we have done these sorts of check for you.
    10.  Get your security system monitored by a back to base monitoring centre. ASIAL operates a monitoring centre grading system to help you when choosing a company to monitor your alarms.